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No 10 ditches plan to shield over-50s after backlash from ministers

Downing Street makes sudden U-turn after ministers warned scheme was impractical and could damage the economy




news briefing

Russians 'hacked Cabinet minister'

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Tory rape claim Alleged victim urges Chief Whip to name accused former minister



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'We're fully booked' Lunchtime has never been so busy - as I discovered

Comment Eat Out To Help Out is a catastrophe that will only make our already obese nation even fatter


‘My sister wasn’t killed by a serial killer' The Rillington Place murders' final twist

The murders have captivated the British public for decades, but Beryl Evans's brother insists the established version is wrong

Britain's most popular SUVs tested The models to choose – and the ones to avoid


Jaguar Land Rover loses legal battle to trademark Defender design

Court rules shape of iconic car lacks 'distinctiveness', clearing hurdle for Ineos billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe to build his 'Grenadier'


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John Cleese: Why There Is No Hope, review The wretched sight of a national treasure boring for Britain


Comment Most Netflix shows are eminently skippable trash – and Netflix just admitted it

The Deceived, review Normal People's Connell salvages this plodding thriller




On the 150th anniversary of the charity, the Duchess paid tribute to the work of her family members

v2rayng最新版下载 8 summer style lessons to learn from the Duchess of Cambridge


The 'woke' have won - it's too late for our unis if academics need to hide their views

'Problematic' university professors are too afraid to share their views - how about we cancel overly-sensitive students instead?

Never mind squeezing the brakes – the PM's lockdown strategy is a car crash 

Once people realise what Boris' Brexit deal means, they'll want a cleaner break

Second wave hysteria is a smokescreen for No 10's abysmal failures

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Commuters of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but our trains!

Alex cartoons: July 2023

Letters to the editor

We flattened the sombrero, now allow us to rescue our livelihoods

The Telegraph View

The Government must end its damaging mixed messaging on lockdown

Hume was a giant of Irish politics


John Hume, SDLP leader who stood up for peaceful nationalism and won the Nobel Prize

Sydney Lotterby, veteran of BBC comedy behind shows including Porridge and Yes Minister


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    Luke Mahoney with his Minelab Equinox 800 at The Lindsey Rose pub 
  • BBC says lesbian kiss scene in the Next Step was important for inclusivity message, following 100 complaints

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  • First case of bone cancer discovered in dinosaurs, scientists claim


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    Rishi Sunak
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  • French firm buys Drayton Manor theme park out of administration

  • HSBC’s Covid storm is only the start of its problems



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A place for perspective and interpretation, with sharp analysis and captivating reads


The best advice from our experts, taking in everything from fitness to fashion, travel to investing


Hand-crafted content collections, interactive features and illustrated long reads offering a deeper dive into the Telegraph's world



  • The five-hour school lesson sounds like torture, but it could be the future

    teacher classroom lesson
  • What happens if I don’t get the grades I want? Join our experts for a live video Q&A on 12 August


  • Britain's most popular SUVs tested: the models to choose – and the ones to avoid 

    SUVs composite image
  • Crossing the Channel to France with a car: will I have to quarantine on my return to the UK?


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    Jurgen Klopp: Germany's Greatest Export
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  • Two-thirds of Europeans would rather cancel holiday than wear a face mask

  • 'A couple of drinks and you take off your masks' – top Spain doctor warns tourists to behave


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Food & Drink

  • Eat Out To Help Out is a catastrophe that will only make our already obese nation even fatter

    Diners enjoying a pizza on the Eat Out to Help Out scheme 
  • The best restaurants around the UK to get an Eat Out To Help Out deal


  • The ultimate guide to yellow daisies: where to plant and what will bloom in late summer 

    Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamii line a pavilion walk
  • Easy ways to step into the world of plant dye

Fashion & Beauty

  • 8 summer style lessons to learn from the Duchess of Cambridge

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    Women Bathing (c1895) by Paul Cézanne
  • John Cleese: Why There Is No Hope, Cadogan Hall, review: the wretched  sight of a national treasure boring for Britain


  • Stunning private hideaways in St Vincent and the Grenadines to book now

    Hidden-away Paraiba villa on the island of Mustique
  • Decoding the legendary nicknames behind Seiko's most sought after watches

Health & Fitness

  • WHO head: there might never be a coronavirus ‘silver bullet’, despite the coming vaccines

    FILE PHOTO: Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus speaks during a news conference after a meeting of the Emergency Committee on the novel coronavirus (2023-nCoV) in Geneva, Switzerland January 30, 2023.
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    Best portable air conditioners
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